Thomas - Boston, MA

Meghan has the ability to make each training run an event. Meghan's passion for running is apparent in every interaction I had with her. As a life long athlete who has had dozens of coaches in multiple sports I can say that Meghan made training more fun and helped me improve more than any other coach I have ever worked with!


Lisa - Cedar Falls, IA

Meghan was very encouraging  during the marathon she ran with me.  I could tell she cared.  She would run ahead and get my water and Nuun, which was very helpful.  If she hadn't run with me I am sure I would have walked!

Matthan - Phoenixville, PA

Not only is Meghan extremely intelligent, but you can tell, by her running plans and running advice, that she is passionate about what she does.  She was able to take what she knew of my abilities and goals and develop an extremely thorough, yet easy to follow, running plan.  With the plan she made mfor me, I was able to hit my runing goal and recover quickly!